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Wedding Breakfast Club Directory is the first wedding supplier directory made by the suppliers on it! No gimmick, no advertisements, just straight up awesome wedding suppliers to make your day special. Use this free directory to book wedding suppliers safe in the knowledge they support the phrase “community over competition”

Not only can you connect with wedding suppliers, but see who your suppliers have already worked with and would recommend to you. So book your wedding day vendors knowing everyone has worked with each other before.

Find photographers & videographers that have worked together before, or cake makers that can work with your planner with zero hassle. You’ll find links to suppliers that have worked together on every directory profile. Browse, connect and book for your big day


What is Wedding Breakfast Club?

Wedding Breakfast Club is a wedding supplier community who love nothing more than promoting each other and working with each other at your wedding. From a monthy breakfast club to meet and learn from each other, to business retreats in the Country side, members of the Wedding Breakfast Club believe in community, friendship and networking in an informal way.

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