The Wedding Breakfast Club directory is the first wedding suppliers directory that is made by the suppliers.

Wedding Breakfast Club was launched in early 2015 by photographer Lex Fleming. After quitting her job as a teacher, Lex wanted to meet more people in the industry to go through the ups and downs of working for yourself.

In April 2015, Lex organised her first wedding suppliers breakfast. Spaces filled up in lightning speed and over 20 wedding suppliers showed up. Within a few months, a new venue was needed and soon tickets had to be released to secure spaces for suppliers.

Now, 4 years on, Wedding Breakfast Club has over 1,500 attendees in the UK. Wedding suppliers and businesses now have a real life community to share work, share stories and learn the latest business trends to further our businesses. Friendships have been formed through Wedding Breakfast Club and a save space for self employed vendors lives on.

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