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As In Your Own Words, my mission is to empower everyone to express themselves and their love with confidence and elation. I do this in a variety of bespoke ways:
Officiating and ceremony writing: In Your Own Words values the uniqueness of each couple and their marriage. When writing a wedding ceremony I really take time to strike the right tone, crafting a ceremony which speaks of you, and to your beloved friends and family. An actor and public speaking coach, I’ll deliver the ceremony or offer the opportunity to give a loved one the confidence to officiate! I’ll write it and train a chosen celebrant to channel their nerves into articulate joy, giving someone dear to any couple the unique chance to do something incredible.

Poems: Let me write you a poem and nobody will believe I haven’t known you for years.
It all began with a poem written for my best friend on her wedding day. It went down beautifully, admittedly as well-expressed sentiments at weddings often do…but could I recreate the effect for a couple I didn’t know?

Some months and market research later, I launched In Your Own Words and have written for couples not only in the UK, but abroad in places like the USA and Australia. Written not only for wedding ceremonies and receptions, but in honour of any significant event – birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, newborns and new starts – poems are based on clients’ answers to a short questionnaire and are thereby entirely unique. I never use templates or rehash old structures. Mostly, poems are written to be read aloud; each captures the individual essence, mood and tone of the celebration, epitomising the significance of your occasion in a sensitive, surprising and evocative way.

Speech writing: I’m consistently impressed with all the people who get up in front of a big crowd at the wedding of someone enormously important to them and, at least a glass of prosecco the worse for wear, deliver a speech! If they need help, I am the person to ask for it. I’ll write the speech, edit it or even just offer an outside eye, and I can give you personalised tips on how to deliver it so that everyone enjoys it – including the speaker.
Bespoke writing: Anytime a couple has a creative writing idea for their wedding that seems too “out there”, I want to hear about it. Reception table poems? Got it. Individual haikus for each of your guests? Can do. A poet in a top hat with a typewriter producing poems on demand? Why yes, actually, I do that as well.
Wedding industry copywriting: Storytelling works. I produce, edit or restructure content for wedding industry professionals, with a specific interest in those for whom English is a second language.



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