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I’m Nat, and I’m a celebrant trained and accredited by Humanists UK. When I got married eight years ago our first thought was to have a Humanist wedding ceremony. I trained to be a celebrant because I wanted to help other couples feel as truly excited about their wedding ceremony as I did: it was hands down the best part of our day…!

I love wedding stuff in general, but the ceremony: well, that’s the best bit! Too often the wedding ceremony is considered The Bit to Get Out of The Way. The words and format have been witnessed dozens of times before, and because of that guests hear rather than listen (while cocking an ear for the muffled champagne corks being popped in the distance). Let’s throw the wedding ceremony back into sharp focus, and put the most important bit – love, love, love! – back on the map!

My ceremonies are designed from scratch to fit each of my couples like a glove. Think of the most expensive couture tailoring ever, and you’ve got the idea! This means I can create wildly varying ceremonies: from the elegantly quirky to raucous whoopie-cushion comedy, and all sorts of delicious flavours in between. It’s my job to get to know you and understand your relationship, and display all of that relationship’s unique beauty in the ceremony for you and your guests to enjoy 🙂 In the last year alone I have written ceremonies that contained premieres of classical choral pieces, a scavenger hunt under the guests’ seats, and a real life Rick Roll – anything goes! Your bespoke wedding ceremony will never be the same as anyone else’s ceremony, but they all share the same ethos: they will be fully authentic representations of your love, shining out in every word. I always aim to make sure your ceremony will be the most personal, enjoyable and memorable part of your wedding day.