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I’m Beth, the gal behind Bethany Lavin Photography. I am a wedding and personal branding photographer based in South London.

I work with fun, young couples and help them capture their special day through colourful and natural images. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer with a fresh, youthful edge then I’m happy to say you’ve come to the right place. Catering to couples who are celebrating their love for each other in the best way that truly reflects them – whether that’s in a London pub, beautiful mansion house or on a beach in the Bahama’s. I’m there, camera in hand, ready to capture your special day in an unobtrusive manner. I’m someone who strives to deliver beautiful imagery that is imaginative and unique but above all, real.

I also photograph female business owners and help them create content for their website and social media platforms. These are not just any old run-of-the-mill portraits, they are portraits with fashion flair. Full of fresh, vibrant colours and tons of personality. Personal branding photography is completely unique to each client I work with. If you’re a pastry chef, you may want images of your culinary creations and pictures of you cooking/baking. Similarly, if you’re a photographer, you may want a headshot of yourself for your about-me page as well as behind the scenes style images of you taking pictures. The possibilities are endless. Personal branding photography is bespoke and tailored specifically to you and your brand/business.