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Jenna Tamminga Photography




Bright and candid wedding photography in Reading, Berkshire by the team of Jenna & Alex.

In the first instance, we’re artists, but we’re also storytellers. We’re also partners in life (not just business). Over the course of a few years, and a lot of travel, we’ve built a life and business together.

As co-lead photographers at every wedding, we complement each other to curate a photography experience like no other. The way we interact with each other helps create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that eases any photo anxiety.

We know that you are planning the wedding day of your dreams and that you’ll want people there who can photograph all those wonderful moments and memories for you. We keep it simple. We will be there to make sure that you remember all those moments and we ensure that the vision you’ve planned will be captured.

We are a Berkshire based team that works across London and the UK to help capture the day you’ve envisioned.