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Hello! I’m Paola, a wedding photographer born and raised in Italy. I am adventurous, nonconformist and totally addicted to my bike. My house is bursting with polaroid photos of the people I love most in the world.

I adore people and tend to very quickly get to the heart of who people really are. I’m completely non-judgemental: over the years I’ve met people of all different cultural backgrounds, sexualities and religions. I see through all of that and photograph the wonderful soul that you are.

I believe in celebrating originality and diversity, and embracing life in all its forms. Through my photographs, I aim to capture the energy, essence and magic of the people you meet – all the little things along the way that have made you who you are. I want to empower clients to express yourselves – how you feel, what you love, bringing you out of your shell. I’ll help you shake off any fears or worries and empower you to step forwards as yourselves.

“Paola is an absolute gem! When you meet her you will see that her photography is just an extension of her personality. She absolutely adores what she does and this love reflects in her final images” Fatima & Kipp


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